Finally WhatsApp started blocking or temporarily banning those users Who are violating their terms. After owning by Facebook they are improving their security day by day. Well if you are seeing a message like You are Temporarily banned from WhatsApp, then you are at right place.

We all know about a mod version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Plus. Finally WhatsApp started taking action against Unofficial Client WhatsApp Plus. Techies and geeks who continuously using WhatsApp are banned temporarily or Permanently for using WhatsApp. If You are blocked temporarily then You may unbanned after a certain time but here i will show you How to Get Unbanned from WhatsApp in no time 

First let me Clear you Why you are banned from WhatsApp temporarily. Probably you are seeing a message like this

You’re temporarily banned from WhatsApp because you may have violated our terms of services. You’ll be able to use WhatsApp again in : [xx:xx:xx].” 

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Why am I seeing the message “You’re temporarily banned from WhatsApp”

You can check what WhatsApp official says about this temporarily ban here

  • You are being blocked by too many users in a short period of time
  • Sending too many messages to users who do not have your number saved in their address book
  • You are Using a mod client of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Plus which is against WhatsApp t&c.
  • You may have violated Whatsapp’s Terms of Service.
  • Sending third party advertisements or publishing any other kind of commercial ads listings.
  • Creating lots of chat groups and adding people who don’t know you (who have not added you to their contacts) can get you banned. So, create limited groups.

How to Get Unbanned From WhatsApp Quickly”

There are several ways to get unbanned yourself from WhatsApp. I will show you best of them as listed below. There are many apps which can be installed in your Android Device to Fix the temporarily banned problem. You can boost the timer or install MOD apps

 Boost Timer in WhatsApp and Get Unbanned From WhatsApp

By this method you can boost timer in Banned WhatsApp. Like your android device is saying that you will be able to login after 72 hrs, then this app will set timer to 0 hrs.

Step 1 Download and install XMod Games in your android device.

Step 2 Open the installed app and tap on “More” in the right-hand upper corner.

Step 3  Click on the Accelerator button in the current screen

Step 4  Scroll down the list to locate WhatsApp and switch the “on” button for Whatsapp in Screen.

Step 5  Close the XMOD app and return to WhatsApp Application.

Step 6  You would find a small icon on the home screen of your Device.

Step 7 a Now, tap on that small icon on the home screen and accelerate the time.

Congrats! Doing this step you will Get unbanned in just few minutes. And Don’t forget to uninstall the mod version installed in your Android Device like WhatsApp Plus.

Conclusion- Well if you are temporarily banned from WhatsApp then i will suggest you to wait for specific time which is poping up on screen. And if you are techie guy and geeky type of then you can follow this tutorial to Resolve error instantly “You are Temporarily Banned from WhatsApp”

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