Couple of Months ago WhatsApp renovated it’s messaging Platform by introducing the options to delete feature. That means you’ve 7 minutes to delete a WhatsApp message which is already sent . However, now it extended to 68 minutes.

But Spanish Blog Android Jefe has discovered a way to read a deleted WhatsApp message sent by someone.

These deleted WhatsApp messages can be found in notification records of Android System. There are several ways to check notifications Register, We’ll go through all of them.

Requirements – Android 6 or Above

If you are using pure stock Android (Mi A1, Motorola Moto G5s Plus), Add “Settings” widget to the home screen and You will find the option “Notification Record” . If you don’t have pure stock Android please go for below options.

#1  The simplest and easiest way to retrieve a deleted message from WhatsApp,  you can install an android application called, Notification History Log application.

With the help of this application you’ll be able to access Notification Registery easily. To enter the Notification Record follow below steps.

  • Click on Notification History Button
  • Search for notification,which represent WhatsApp
  • The deleted message can be found in the line which shows “android.text”

#2    Another Cheat to see deleted messages of WhatsApp is Nova Launcher.

Many of us love to use Android launchers. We’ll take advantage of popular android Application, Nova Launcher to read A deleted Whatsapp message.

If you are using Nova launcher then there is no need to install above mentioned application “Notification History Log” . Nova Launcher also offers you access to Notification history.

Follow below steps to read a deleted WhatsApp message someone sent you.

  • Make a long press on an empty area on the home screen and Click on “Widgets”
  • Make a long press on “Activities” and drop when you jump to the home screen.In the new list, click on “Settings”.
  • In the sub-list, tap “Notification Log” to create the shortcut on the home screen.

That shortcut will give you a direct access to Notification Register and you can read a deleted Whatsapp message sent by someone from that shortcut.

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