We can delete a message sent in WhatsApp. The official limit to delete the sent message is 68 minutes. Sometimes you may be in a situation where you’ve regret for the sent WhatsApp message and you want to delete the message but it’s late.

Don’t worry there is always a way to go beyond such limits, yes we’ve found a hack for you by which you’ll be able to delete the sent WhatsApp message for everyone even after 68 minutes.


How To Read A Deleted Whatsapp Message sent By Someone


Delete for Everyone works with all types of WhatsApp messages, whether they are text messages, videos, images, GIFs or documents. It works on both iOS and Android.

The hack is related to changing the time and date in phone. You can change the time to an earlier time from which the message were sent.

Steps to follow – 

Follow below steps to delete an accidentally sent WhatsApp message

    • Turn off the Wifi and Mobile Data
    • Open Recent application and remove WhatsApp by Sliding You can also follow below step instead of removing WhatsApp from recent apps
      Go to Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Force Detention.
    • Change the time of cellphone (The time before the message was sent)
    • Fire up your WhatsApp and Look for the message and delete it.
    • Re-Configure the Date to original time.
    • Turn on the internet connection immediately after changing the time

Open your WhatsApp again and your messaged will be deleted from all the other phones where the message were sent.

The only limitation of this hack is that you can only delete messages from up to 5 days ago. If the phone is changed to a much older date, WhatsApp will display a warning forcing to update the date to open the application. This will prevent deleting messages from that date.

The trick works on iPhone also. Please let us know through comments if you’re facing any problems while using this trick.

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  1. Grace

    thank you, it worked

  2. Seline Anne

    Thank you so much. You’re a life saver!
    It did worked!!!! THANKS!


    I deleted the message and it showed that it is deleted ( for me) but when I asked my friend to check that message in the group he said that it wasn’t deleted

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