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It was like a nightmare for Bangladesh’s Central Bank Head Atuil Rahman on 4-5 february . Hackers stole $81 Million and if there were not a typo, The stolen amount might be $850 Million. Officials are saying that Hackers was from outside the country and now there is no hope to catch them. Now a days the term hackers stolen money is not strange thing.

The Federal Reserved Bank of Newyork was hacked and $81 Million was transferred from Bangladesh Government’s account.

Later Rahman resighned saying that “I submitted my resignation to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina … tears rolled out from her two eyes,” . Earlier he had said, “If my resignation is better for the Bangladesh Bank, I have no hesitation.” 

What Actually Happened

Hackers installed a Malware into Bangladesh’s Central Bank Computers and they were spying for a month. They checked how to transfer funds from it’s Federal Reserved Bank of Newyork account – said Reuters.

Still that Malware is unknown for investigators, and they are saying that it may be RAT and hackers got confidential credential to Transfer funds.

How Transactions was Stopped 

As i said earlier they tried to stole about $850 Million. But As all thief do, they done a single mistake and it was a typo. Yeah ! a typo saved $800 Million

When the hackers attempted to make their fifth transfer of $20 Million to a Sri Lankan non-governmental organization called the Shalika Foundation, they made a typo by attempting a transfer to the Shalika “Fandation.” -said  The Hacker News.

Further Federal Bank confirmed the transaction from Bangladesh Central Bank and then they stopped remaining transfer.

However, Mostly the amount was transferred to Philippines and Sri Lanka. based Organizations.

Although, the New York Fed said it found no evidence its own systems were compromised, and attention increasingly has focused on suspected vulnerabilities in Bangladesh Bank’s cybersecurity.

Editor’s Desk- Investigators are trying to catch them, but i don’t think that there is a hope to locate them, it was a completely anonymys based attack. Both Bangladesh’s Central Bank and Fedral Bank should take some action about this serious issue and improvement of their security.

Rajendra Choudhary

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  1. williams

    Rajendra, thanks for all your online posts,they’ve been helpful, concerning the money that was stolen from Indian bank, i don’t think they should worry for anything because INSURANCE will pay back the money………i have firms and organisations that could help accept such money and make it a clean deal but i don’t know any hacker that can pull such a deal together……to be honest, poverty can make you do a lot of things lol,……… please i really need your help in building a strong gmail phishing page, i have tried all your tutorials but each time i send it to another mail google always detect it ….i have been practicing it, even the undetectable phishing method…..please my dear friend, if you can build one for me or guild me better on how to be a good RAT phishing page i will be very grateful. thanks so much…..u can send me your twitter through my email let me add you up so that i can be getting your twitter posts. thanks

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