If you are reading this article it is surely confirmed that either you want to hack your neighbor’s Wi-Fi password or you want to get into other private Wi-Fi networks. Well you don’t need to write bunch of codes to do this task. I’ve already published a article on How to Hack a Wi-Fi using Kali Linux.

All you need is an Android Phone to take advantage of your neighbor’s Wi-Fi connection. In past,  A group of security researchers came up with a easy hack, which allow them to add monitor mode to Android devices and help cracking Wi-Fi passwords.

Technical Details –

Most of the android manufacturers use the same chipset made by broadcom, named as bcm4329 or bcm4330. However, broadcom never added support for monitor mode for these chipset.

In order to get full access to monitor mode in android, a small change in device firmware is needed.

How This Hack Works –

Using monitor mode in android you’ll be able to see all the traffic communicating via the network and how many devices are connected through the Wi-Fi. As always someone can also use this for malicious purpose and even they can crack the WEP key. All they need is to capture few data packets in monitor mode.

Hack Neighbor's Wi-Fi Using Android Phone

To add monitor mode, you’ll need to download a code pasted on Google Code, make sure you’re downloading the right code for your chipset. You can search this information with your manufacturer website, which chipset your phone is using.

Once downloaded the code, extract the .zip file, run the setup and configuration files. You can find specific instructions for your android phone and how-to guide on this blog.

Once you’re running this monitor mode on your android, You can easily crack the WEP key.

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