this post is a advance level version to hack someone’s facebook and gmail account. it can works on also other social sites.

As our website’s name says it’s all about hacking. That’s why we work regular on new hacking tricks to create a niche for our website and to provide our visitors best of them. The trick i am going to tell you in this post is not so popular yet.

as in my previous post i have shown you Advance Level Phishing Method to hack social sites more easily.if that method not works for you then you can apply this method. before read this post i recommend you to fire up my previous post to learn some basic of facebook and gmail hacks and phishing to easily hack into someones facebook or gmail account.

There are some other methods to hack someones gmail or facebook. You may like..

Disclaimer– This tutorial is for educational propose only. The main motive behind the post is to guide as many as people how hackers hack Emails or how they can steal your information easily. We do not recommend anyone to try this process. If someone face problems after applying this ,Neither author nor Moonking Hackers Club Will be responsible.

so lets come to our topic i.e. Tabnapping


first of all thanks to that man who is behind this amazing trick.i search lots of about him or her but i can not found him. tell me through comments if i am breaking any copyrights. this method is similar like a phishing attack. you have nothing to do just follow this whole tutorial.

Configure Files and Scripts

as we have seen in previous phishing methods we need some files. This trick also require some files and scripts. in previous phishing methods i also shown you how to create that files. But here you have to be a good programmer to generate files. so i am providing direct download link here to make hacking of a facebook account easy for you.

  • download tabnapping files from here
  • extract the downloaded zip file

tabnapping files

 Choose a webhost to get someones facebook passwords there

you have to choose a webhosting provider. there are lots of free webhosting sites. and some of my regular visitors know  that i always recommend to you can search on google if you want another one.

Configure Your Website

  • go to and sighn up there. while sighn up choose a domain name similar to “hardest game ever”


  • now go to your control panel>file manager

file manager

  • in file manager click on public.html
  • first delete default.php file and then click on upload option
  • now upload all the downloaded files one by one
  • your phishing site is ready now

Access Your Website

  • now go to your domain name. and it will looks like this

tabnapping home


  • yes it is a game or nothing. the game is so tough that one can not complete this game. it needs too much practice

tabnapping game

  • after some time it will redirect automatically to different page

tabnapping login

  • here page will ask victim to share this game on facebook
  • and when victim will enter his email and password in box then you can check all details in passwords.html file which is located in your file manager. you can check victims facebook passwords or gmail passwords by visiting

so this was tabnapping method to hack a facebook account for free. notify me through comments about your errors and about give some review for this tabnapping technique.


Rajendra Choudhary

Rajendra is a Cyber Security Analyst, Developer & Professional Blogger. His free time is spent on Blogging, Wordpress, Creating Videos for Youtube Channel to share his knowledge with rest of us

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  1. nakul

    if victim enters login id or pasword they automatically redirected to hosting webpage.

    1. nakul are you sure you are redirected to hosting after click on sighn in. because i cross checked all the scripts and it is working properly.

  2. Max

    Script needs to be changed. After victim puts in login and pass it redirects you to hosting website also their entry for login/pass is not recorded on the password.html

    1. sorry for late reply. i just upload new scripts and this times works properly. sorry for inconvenience

  3. asd

    any free webhosting and domain ?? 000website has down

    1. i just checked it is up and running. refresh your browser and check DNS settings. last time it was down a week ago but now running well.

  4. qwe

    go update your tabnapping

  5. khan

    how to extract 7z file

    1. you can easily extract 7z file using 7 zip file mananger software. search on google

  6. khan

    thank sir for this works perfectly

  7. hannah

    what happens after the victim enters their facebook information? do they continue playing the game?

      1. Hannah

        Dope! Thank you

  8. hannah

    Where are your updated scripts? When the victim logs in they are redirected to the host’s website and same with when I try to access the passwords html file

  9. abhi

    plz provide a updated link for tabnaping when i open password/html its redirected to hosting page what should i do…

    1. you don’t need to open password/html open your file manager and go to password.txt

      1. Natasha

        Bro can you help me in hacking an account. It’s important for me to do me

      2. raj kumar

        Is it work in android??? Can I use mobile for hacking

  10. Roi

    How Much Time It’ll Take For The Login Page To Come In?

  11. Mehedi Hasan

    can you build it for mobile phone plz ??

  12. Mehedi Hasan

    i mean the victim is on mobile phone.

  13. hamza

    hey bro how can i access to the password.html file??

    1. you can access by logging into your cpanel/file mananger in hosting and then look into public_html folder

  14. Sam Eer

    Sir can we reduce the time for asking the login info??

  15. Prashant Singh

    Can you create a fake game and asking for Gmail info.

  16. Solomonnarh

    i cant find the password.html in my file manager when i tested the tab napping myself.why?

  17. Nicole White

    cannot find password.html file.. I was not located to unzip…I tried the but obv that would not work since there is no file password.html.
    How do i get password plz?

  18. Nicole White

    Another issue, when login is asked, after putting facebook and login, page redirects but 404 url error. anyideas?

  19. himanshu dewan

    game is not coming on website only showing screen without game

  20. Utkarsh Singh

    it’s not redirecting to the login page

  21. Utkarsh Singh

    how can i access the details of my victims

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