A Recent report from Troy Hunt shows an “Anti Public combo list” . It was appeared in DEC 2016 which contains huge email address and passwords.

Now a days data breaches are quite popular . Doesn’t matter whether it is yahoo, myspace or linkedin. And we even have no idea about our email addresses are targeted on those data breaches or not?

but now this gonna be over soon . There is a website called HIBP (Have i ever been pwned) which provides details about your accounts whether it have been hacked in any data breach or not?

The HIBP service is maintained by Troy Hunt from Australia.

Recently HIBP uploaded a new list called “anti public combo list” which contains around 458 million accounts. In this article we will provide link to that list.

I was shocked when my 3 years old gmail account was listed in that list, it may be due 000webhost data breach last year , which had been sold to some anonymous group by hackers.

Well you need to move to HIBP website and check you are pwned or not ? if yes then it is time to change your password.

ANTI PUBLIC COMBO LIST ( have you been pawned)

The link to “anti public combo list” is here. [18 GB] (you can download in parts)

(The link is compromised with shorten url , it is working fine just follow the process mentioned carefully)

Here is what Troy Hunt said in their blog post

I’m loading over 1 billion breached accounts into HIBP. These are from 2 different “combo lists”, collections of email addresses and passwords from all sorts of different locations. I’ve verified their accuracy (including my own record in one of them) and many hundreds of millions of the email addresses are not already in HIBP. Because of the nature of the data coming from different places, if you’re in there then treat it as a reminder that your data is out there circulating around and that you need to go and get yourself a password manager and create strong, unique passwords

about second list they said

It’s a collection of 111 text files totaling just over 24GB. It’s the same deal as Anti-Public in that it’s just masses of email address and password pairs. By virtue of my own unfortunate inclusion there, I also know that it absolutely, positively contains accurate credentials (I’m sure mine is not the only correct one). Furthermore, it contains data that’s not in either the Anti-Public list or in HIBP. It also has 593,427,119 unique email addresses. Crikey. I was conscious that there could be a great deal of crossover between the two lists so I joined them together and found that “only” 222 million of the accounts were common so in other words, 63% of the accounts in Exploit.In were not in Anti-Public (I’ll know how many were already in breaches in HIBP once I load the data). So between the two lists, that’s a total of 1,051,389,657 accounts which means a size increase in HIBP of 39% by record count and brings the service up to 3.75 billion records in total.”

Pasted.co contains the most email address & passwords leaked on data breaches , hence human do not verify these data but it is reliable.

So guys fire up your download manager and get ready to download 18 GB and check a lotz of email and passwords.


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