When it comes to Apple devices, especially iPhone and iPods, They undergo various performance testing to make sure that the product works and has no issues. However, it will be time-consuming and sources are limited if they won’t have any special means of testing. Thus, the “iPhone Secret Codes” exist for this sole purpose.

These codes contain a hashtag, numeric sequences, different symbols that let you access the internal iPhone settings for a variety of purposes. It is very significant to know that some of the codes are a bit extreme, so be cautious while inputting them. 

With iPhone Secret Codes or Hidden Menus, you can make your iPhone perform certain tasks. Furthermore, you can also use these Codes to verify various information about the device.

However, it is important to note and keep in mind that some of these codes are universal while some of these codes only work on certain iPhone models or with specific carriers. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it. Let’s start with some great iPhone secret codes, hidden menu and dialer codes.

Make Anonymous Calls

If you want to hide your caller ID or make calls anonymously , you can use this secret code. This dialer code will present your caller ID as “Unknown” or “No Caller ID” . Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated that all US carriers give customers the ability to block their information from appearing on caller ID screens.

All you need to do is use the code for your country from below table and add the mobile number you want to call anonymously and press dial.

  For North America dial – #31#MobileNumber 
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Country  Code
Albania: #31# (cell phones)
Argentina: #31#
Australia: 1831
Denmark: #31#
Canada: #31#
France: #31#
Germany: *31# or #31#
Greece: #31#
Hong Kong: 133
Iceland: *31*
India: #31#
Ireland: 141
Israel: #31#
Italy: #31#
Japan: 184
New Zealand: 197
NEPAL: *9#
North America: #31# or *67
Netherlands: *31* or #31#
Pakistan: *32#
Romania: *31*
South Africa *31*
South Africa #31#
South Korea: *23 or *23#
Spain #31#
Sweden #31#
Switzerland Landline: *31#
Switzerland Mobile: #31#
United Kingdom: 141


EFR Mode

If you press *3370# you will enter into EFR mode. EFR stands for Enhanced Full Rate and allows superior network quality. By enabling EFR mode, the user is essentially improving the voice/data quality. However, battery life is equally affected as the phone now runs at its highest efficiency.




Chances are, you already knew about this code. For people unaware, It is an identifier for your mobile phone hardware and you can use this USSD code to check it on almost any phone.

The another way to find IMEI is Settings –> General –> About.



8 iPhone Secret Codes, iPhone dialer codes, iPhone dialer menu, iPhone secret menu, iPhone hidden feature, iPhone hidden menu, imei

Field Test Mode

Do you want to know how strong your signal is ? This secret iPhone code can tell you your signal strength in dBM (decibel-milliwatts) . However this features works differently in Latest iOS and iOS 10 or earlier.



  • iOS 11 or Above

When you enter the code in your iPhone’s dialer and hit the call button, you will taken to the Field Test page, where you will find various networks details.

in the Field Test mode, tap “LTE,” then “Serving Cell Meas.” On the next screen, look at the rsrp0 number, which is the one you want for your reception in dBm                   

  • iOS 10 or earlier

The code is same for earlier version. After entering to Field taste mode tap the top-left corner that displays those dots that visually represent your signal strength until it changes to show a numeric value. In some cases, it may show the numerical value right away without tapping on it.

To ensure that the signal’s numeric value remains in your status bar, we’ll be using a little glitch.

First, hold down your power/lock button until you get the “Slide to turn off” option. Next, press and hold the Home/Touch ID button for about ten seconds and you will see the bars replaced with the network strength in decibels.

8 iPhone Secret Codes, iPhone dialer codes, iPhone dialer menu, iPhone secret menu, iPhone hidden feature, iPhone hidden menu

 What exactly it means

8 iPhone Secret Codes Apple Doesn't Talk About

Missed Calls

While in-built phone application provides timely notification for missed calls, This secret code also lets you to check the missed calls.

Use the code *#61 to check the number of missed calls.



Call Barring

Call Barring lets you block all incoming or outgoing calls on your phone.  You can use these secret codes to check its status on your phone or to enable/disable it.

  *#33#              Check Status  
  *33*PIN#           Enable Call Baring  
3*PIN#           Disable Call Baring
The “PIN” here is the SIM Pin, which is the lock on your SIM card. You can enable it in iPhone Settings->Phone->SIM PIN.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is a feature that lets you divert your incoming calls to other number or even a voicemail. Use following secret codes to check the status on your phone or to enable/disable call forwarding.
  *#21#               Check Status  
  *21#                Enable Call Baring  
*21MobileNumber#    Disable Call Baring

Call Waiting

Call waiting is a another features which lets you to suspend a telephone call already in progress to accept a second call. Use these dialer codes to setup call waiting  in iPhone.
  *#43#               Check Status  
  *43#                Enable Call Waiting  
#43#                Disable Call Baring
You can also go through this video guide to know more about iPhone secret dialer codes.

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