so lets come to my second post in WhatsApp Category. Well as i previously said WhatsApp needs no introduction at all. WhatsApp is the king of instant messaging now a days that’s why it had been overtake Facebook and 900 million users ( October 2015) .

So you want to chat with your friends and family using WhatsApp but you have not a android or WhatsApp supported phone, then probably you will think how do i use WhatsApp on PC or Mac? But did you know that you can also use WhatsApp on your windows PC or Mac.There are different ways to install whatsapp on Windows OR Mac

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WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is official feature of WhatsApp inc. to bringing one of the world’s largest messaging platform to the computer. WhatsApp said in a blog post – “Our Web client is simply an extension of your phone: the Web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device – this means all of your messages still live on your phone

Initially it was available only for android, windows and blackberry. Due to Apple platform limitations, WhatsApp Web was not available for iphone users initially but now it supports major operating systems.The major advantage of WhatsApp Web is you can run WhatsApp in both PC and phone at same time.

  • to use the web client on computer fire up browser google chrome, firefox or Opera (latest version) and go to

5 ways to run whatsapp on windows or Mac-whatsapp web website

  • now scan the QR code using your phone and pairing will start.
  • to use the web client , your device’s internet connection should be on.

Cons of WhatsApp Web

  • The service only works with google chrome browser, Firefox and Opera browser.
  • This new service needs a WhatsApp supported phone with an internet connection.

Use an Android Emulator/Simulator

this method became quite popular now a days. The major android emulator for Windows and Mac are Bluestacks and Youwave. There are many free android Emulators but only few of them could match our expectations or requirement.

Google also provides an official Android emulator as Android SDK. You can use it to run the Android operating system in a window on your computer. It will gives you complete access to the Android operating system. It’s developed for Android Developers to test and develop new apps.Unfortunately this official emulator is slow for regular use. That’s why most people move to other emulators…

These android emulator provides you an android environment to run android apps on your windows or Mac device

steps to run android apps on PC using Android Emulator

  • Download a Android Emulator Bluestacks , Youwave , Andy , AMIDuOS
  • Install one of a software from above or below link


5 ways to run whatsapp on windows or Mac-bluestacks

  • Most of these supports third party app installation otherwise you can download and install it from google play store.

but lots of people search on google how to run WhatsApp on PC without bluestacks or Youwave, for them here are some more good options…

Using Google’s ARC Welder

In the first week of april 2k15 google widely published  a new developer tool as App Runtime for Chrome, desighned for developers to move apps from Android to Google’s Chrome OS. After 2 or 3 days a new add on ARC Welder came up in Chrome Store to run Android apps on your own Chrome on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Yeah! We Can Install WhatsApp in Windows easily

Follow these steps to run WhatsApp with ARC welder

  • download and install ARC Welder from here. ( file is not 11 Mb it is almost 50 Mb so keep patience )

5 ways to run whatsapp on windows or Mac-arc welder webpage

  • Open ARC Welder and click on add your apk

5 ways to run whatsapp on windows or Mac-ARC welder

  • Now choose WhatsApp.apk and select configurations
  • Click on Launch and WhatsApp will start
  • You can also pin this in Task Bar to best use of it.


Using Wassapp

it is a third party PC application developed by low level studios as Non Official web client for WhatsApp. Major problem with Wassapp is that it is not available for Mac users. This is the most easiest method at all as because this does not consumes too much memory in your hard disk as other Android emulators do.

  • download Wassapp web client from here.
  • install the simple executable file and follow screen instructions.

5 ways to run whatsapp on windows or Mac - wassapp

  • Login with your whatsapp no and start chat with your friends

With Manymo Online Emulator

Manymo is a online emulator, it requires only a sighnup and it will give all acess to android apps on your browser. The best thing of Manymo is it works on all OS either you are using Windows, Mac or Linux.

follow these steps to run WhatsApp using Manymo…

  • Go to and create an account there
  • Sighn up for a free account there and verify your account

5 ways to run whatsapp on windows or Mac-manymo online emulator

  • Now click on Launch emulators and select launch by app
  • Upload whatsapp.apk and enjoy it

so fireup comments and tell me about these ways and errors if you got one, if you know some more methods then mention in comments…

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